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Run for a Good Cause

Have a go helping others by running. It’s simpler and more effective than you think. Getting involved will make your race experience that bit more special, plus it’s a great chance to forge new friendships. What’s more your help is targeted, immediate and will allow you to come into direct contact with the organisations you want to help.

Registering via a not-for-profit when competing in races is commonplace abroad. And we’re delighted to report that this modern and appealing way of running is starting to gain traction over here too. A total of 4 620 good cause runners competed at RunCzech races in 2015. At the London marathon, the world’s largest single-day fundraising sports event held the same year, this figure was somewhat higher — 37 thousand runners to be precise! The Czech Republic may well be significantly smaller, but Running for a Good Cause is starting to work here too and the number of runners of constantly on the rise. In 2016, we saw 5 287 runners run for a good cause!

How it works? It’s easy. You’re only three steps away:

The responsible people at the not-for-profit will take care of you, explain all the details and sell you a start number for the race. And they may even offer the chance to become a Good Cause Runner, making you feel extra good about yourselves.

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