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How to become a charity partner

Get funding with help from RunCzech

Get fundraising by working with RunCzech!

We are expanding our collaboration with the not-for-profit sector. We offer such organisations registrations to sell on to runners including individuals as well as businesses. In 2015 forty collaborating not-for-profits sold purchased start numbers to 4 620 runners. Over seven million Czech Crowns were channelled into the not-for-profit sector this way last year. In 2016 the figure rose to 5 287 runners, generating over CZK 10 million.

Running races offer an ideal opportunity for not-for-profits to gain visibility, an appealing source of income as well as the chance to strengthen relationships with their individual as well as corporate donors. Abroad, running for charity is commonplace. In 2015, for instance, 37 thousand people competing at the London marathon purchased their start numbers from not-for-profits. And 80% of those managed to raise a further 60 thousand Crowns on average for their not-for-profit.

Fancy trying your hand at this modern and appealing form of fundraising? Get in touch with us via e-mail on [email protected]

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