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How and where can I register?

The only way to register is by using the on-line registration form on the website. Registration is only valid once the fee (as applies on the date of registering) is credited in full to the account of the organiser, paid either in cash or by card. The order must be paid within 10 working days of being created; otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.

How can I check that the registration (payment) was processed successfully?

As soon as you register, a login password will be sent to your e-mail address where you can check all your orders and statuses. If the order didn’t go through, you can try repeating the card transaction.

What is the Czech Marathon Club (CMC)?

All persons with a status of permanent residency in the Czech Republic, who run at least one race with us annually are able to join our loyalty programme – the Czech Marathon Club. The club offers its members a range of benefits from RunCzech partners. Advantages of the Czech Marathon Club in cooperation with our partners

My account password isn’t working

If you are unable to login, click on the forgotten password link, enter your Runners ID and we will send a new one to your e-mail address. If the password still doesn’t work, write to us on with a request to explore the matter, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Runners ID

What is a Runners ID?

The Runners ID is a unique running profile where all your race registrations starting from 2014 are stored.By going to your Runners ID profile, you will see an overview of all your orders and RunCzech Running League races you have taken part in (applies for races starting from 2014). Log in using your e-mail or Facebook account.

How can I get a Runners ID?

To sign up for a Runners ID, all you need to do is fill out a simple form. You can subsequently use this to sign up for all races, to sign up entire relays or teams as well as register on behalf of someone else (see below).

How can I sign up for a race?

Log into your profile using your Runners ID, select a race and go through the intuitive registration process. If some personal details are missing as part of your Runners ID, you will be asked to add this. Providing you complete everything when signing up, you subsequently won’t have to worry about filling out anything.

Registering on behalf of someone else

You can use the Runners ID to register yourself as well as someone else onto a race. After selecting a race, select “register on behalf of someone else”. Registration works in the same way as when you register yourself. If the person in question already has a Runners ID, all you need to do is enter his/mail and follow the step-by-step instructions.If s/he doesn’t have a Runners ID, enter your mail and you will be requested to set up a Runners ID for that person. The order is created under your profile.

Registering a team or relay

The procedure is identical as when registering yourself or registering on behalf of someone else (see above). Always register using your own profile even if you’re not running. As such you will get to see an overview of orders on your profile.The only person able to change the names of participants or order of relay runners is the person who created the order. This option is available until a few days before race dates.

Before the race

When will I get my start number?

All race participants receive their start number together in one bulk e-mail from us up to 2 weeks before the actual race. We do it this way because once we have full information about how many people are taking part and their finishing times, we have a much better chance of dividing runners into start lanes – all of which helps us create better running conditions for you.

Where do I go to collect my start pack and number?

Each participant has to collect his/her start number (as well as start pack) in PERSON bringing along a valid identity card (national identity card, passport, driver’s licence or some other kind of valid document featuring the person’s name and photograph) at the race Expo, a place where you not only find your start packs, can take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions to our volunteers and organisers who will also be available to deal with any possible issues, but also get to check out a wide range of goods and services for runners on offer at the stands. The Expo always opens around race day a few days before the actual race (the location of the Expo and opening times can be found on the website of each individual race, at the latest 3 weeks before the actual race, so keep checking the site for details).

Pick up start number on behalf

It is no longer possible to ask another person to collect your start number unless this person has power of attorney to do so ( the document has to include information about the runner as well as the person collecting it, signed and verified by a notary). Download the sample here.


After the race

Where can I find the results? (I couldn’t see them in the results)

You can find the results on beneath the individual races. Participants have the chance to query results within 5 calendar days after the race to the organiser’s e-mail After this, times are posted as official.

What’s the difference between the official time and the real time?

The official time refers to the times starting from hearing the gunshot. The real time is the time from crossing the start and finish lines. Split-times and real times are provided as extra information. The ranking is determined by the order of runners crossing the finish line i.e. according to the official time.

Where do I go to hand back my chip?

Each participant is obligated to return his/her chip – in the area at the finish line, at hand-over points, at the organiser’s address (Františka Křížka 11, Prague 7) orto the timekeeping provider as soon as possible (within 10 days of the race taking place). The chip belongs to the company in charge of timekeeping and is only lent to the participant for the race. Failure to return the chip may lead to you being legally forced to cover the purchasing cost of the chip 500 CZK / 20 €) or alternatively being summoned by the organiser to pay for it (500 CZK) either by bank transfer or in cash.

Is the Volkswagen Prague Marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier?

Yes, Volkswagen Prague Marathon is an official Boston Marathon qualifier. For more details, go to the B.A.A.'s website: .“

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